Bitcoin Hits $950 Five Days Out from Super Bowl 51

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Sports bettors holding bitcoin enjoyed their start to the morning as the digital currency stormed past $950.

Bitcoin has been stuck in the gate of the $910 area for much of the past week but has had some favorable chart movement to push past the $950 level.

Bettors who keep part of their bankroll in bitcoin exclusive sportsbooks also gain as BTC performs well.

Sportsbook Review released a how to use bitcoin for sports betting video tutorial recently outlining how to use the digital coin to make transactions with sports betting sites.

SBR Forum posters are presently discussing bitcoin's price performance and interpreting chart movement in the bitcoin sports betting forum. Bettors who aren't overly keen with the idea of their bankroll fluctuating can protect themselves from the swings in value by choosing an online sportsbook that converts bitcoin to their native currency. The sportsbook rating guide has a bitcoin filter for this so bettors can deposit bitcoin for USD or EUR for instance, and then only deal in bitcoin when it comes to place a withdrawal.

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