Bitcoin gamblers take notice of steady start to October

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Bitcoin has had a steady October so far and is harboring around the $238 range.

The more consistent the anonymous crypto-currency performs, the more likely additional sportsbooks will be to offer BTC as a way for players to deposit and withdraw.

2015 has seen over a dozen well established online sportsbooks add bitcoin to their cashier. See complete list of bitcoin accepting sportsbooks.

Below shows the previous one week of bitcoin market performance, with a column included for the daily change fluctuation. The at times erratic fluctuation of bitcoin has kept some sports bettors cautious; bettors who are gambling from one paycheck to another or whose bankroll is more limited are not willing to throw in an extra 10% window to account for their bankroll deteriorating on account of bitcoin swings.

Date Close Change
2015-10-04 $238.69 -0.17%
2015-10-03 $239.09 0.71%
2015-10-02 $237.40 -0.07%
2015-10-01 $237.57 0.56%
2015-09-30 $236.25 -0.16%
2015-09-29 $236.62 -1.14%
2015-09-28 $239.34 2.79%
2015-09-27 $232.85 -0.58%

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