Bitcoin Forum — So, is LocalBitcoins the way around Coinbase limits?

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A trending discussion at the bitcoin sports betting forum is underway regarding using LocalBitcoin as a way around the limits of popular bitcoin exchange Coinbase and Circle, and if the method would be more effective in conjunction with an intermediary wallet than using the anti-gambling betting exchanges.

SBR Forum poster mister bee started the discussion with the below post:

"So is Localbitcoin the better way around Circle/Coinbase limits? Also, would it prevent one from getting banned from Circle/Coinbase? If so, I would go Localbitcoin-blockchain-book? Could I then go book-blockchain-circle/coinbase, then ultimately to my bank to get USD? thanks guys!"

Poster littlekona had the following to say:

"I've been using local bitcoins since coinbase ban and circle restricted account..easy peasy very fast w [sic] direct cash deposits and you can sell or buy with many options too..I rate it a++++"

Concerning the rates of converting bitcoin for deposits, SBR's kj8210 offered this advice:

"Localbitcoins is the best way to cashout. However if you want to buy coins to deposit, I would try coinbase and circle because sellers on localbitcoins often raise the prices substantially above market value because: 1) they need to make a profit - these guys usually arent gamblers but miners or traders who make profit based on margin and 2) they know you need the coins ASAP"

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