Bitcoin betting site Anonibet undergoing SBR evaluation

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Sportsbook Review is presently gathering additional information on Anonibet Sportsbook.

The bitcoin betting site, listed in the bitcoin sportsbooks page, has been online since 2011.

The shop has a presence in the UK and in Malta and has a maximum payout of 500 BTC (approximately $18,800) per 24 hours. The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC or 38¢.

Anonibet spreads major professional sports markets, combat sports, international fixtures, motorsport, snooker, and handball. The website uses proprietary software for its sportsbook software and offers in-play betting.

One potential area of concern is that the betting site offers a sign-up bonus which could spell trouble as potential abusers may take advantage of the fact that the sportsbook does not collect personally identifying information from accounts.

The advantages of the bitcoin model, instant deposits and near instant withdrawals, work in players' favor for the short term. There is no need to keep a balance unnecessarily between games, unlike with traditional sportsbooks where transaction costs can be significant.

Anonibet players with feedback are encouraged to write to SBR at

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