Bitcoin Betting Forum: Cloudbet Grading Complaint

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An SBR Forum member has asked readers for their feedback on bitcoin betting site Cloudbet's grading of games.

Cloudbet is a C+ rated betting site. The gaming site is a bitcoin exclusive sportsbook which was added to the online sportsbooks rating guide exactly one year ago, July 12 of 2015.

The betting site has received negative feedback on their sportsbook settlement times in the past.

SBR reported in early June that a Cloudbet player reported ungraded bets for a period of three weeks. A few months prior to that a different player complained of the grading speed at Cloudbet.

Below are excerpts from the latest Cloudbet grading complaints from bitcoin sports betting forum.

SBR member SpreadOffense: "Anyone ever have any issues with cloudbet taking forever to grade your game? I bet ML on the Brooklyn Nets summer league game and its been over for an hour now. I emailed their support team and all they gave me was the usual run around saying they will look into it. And even that was 45 minutes ago."

SBR moderator Optional: "Yes, been a few previous mentions of their grading speed. I guess it's 'after hours' for the grading team.

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