Billy Walters, professional sports bettor, appears on 60 Minutes

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Billy Walters, the legendary professional gambler out of Las Vegas, appeared last night on CBS' 60 Minutes. The video is shown below. | Read more





SBRforum user comments on the Billy Walters CBS piece, from the thread Pro Sports Bettor Billy Walters to appear on 60 Minutes Sunday:

SBRforum poster, "Take It":

This 60 Minutes piece was absolutely horrible. I didn't learn one thing from it I didn't already know. It was just a puff, filler piece going into the football playoffs. First of all they picked the worst person imaginable to do the interview. It was obvious she didn't know a damn thing about gambling or sports betting. Did you catch those 1980s stock footage shots of what is probably the Hilton in Las Vegas? What's the matter, you can't even show what a modern day sports book looks like?

Here are some of the questions that I would have asked.

1. Are you the main character in the book, "The Smart Money?"

2. You say you won 3.5 million on the Superbowl. Who takes that much action, and how many venues did you have to use to get down 3.5 million?

3. Do you bet any other sports besides football? Football has the largest limits. Other than playoff games, is it worth your time to bet basketball or baseball?

4. How did you become involved with the Computer Group? What was your role? Who was the brains behind that operation? Where is he today?

5. Do you bet online--with offshore books?

Just to name a few...

SBRforum poster, "Sundaystocks":

60 minutes was about 50% truth from BW. What he failed to mention was the guys he has nationwide playing with their local Book or offshore. I have much more info than 60 min was able to offer you. I will be sending out an IM to those that give pts. for the real story on BW current and BW back in the day, I will combind this with BW's plays for next week if he has some. so wait for the order and maybe you can profit from his insight. like I said before BW is not always right, however today he was 2-0 and made a hugh profit from Vegas and all the runners he has accross the country. One thing he did say that is true...we dont know each other as runners and most of us get our direction from someone other than BW.

SBRforum poster, "lakerh8er":

This man (Walters) is the most respected and feared yes feared man here in Vegas when it comes to betting. I have met him once at the M casino and just said hello. I believe to this day they still take his bets directly from him.

SBRForum poster, "sweetjones55":

He probably did place a million on the Colts to move the line and then take Saints for 4.5 million. Obviously if he is going to throw a phony line for bets worth 100K to move the line in his favor, of course he is going to make sure he moves the line on the biggest bet of his life.


An SBRforum user's comments on Billy Walters from the thread Billy Walters contributed to a forum owners suicide?.

SBRforum poster, "SBR_John":

Shrink was telling everyone that the Colts were a Billy Walters play. I remember making a post saying that all the sharps in Costa Rica were on the Saints and Walters was too. Shrink dismissed it which I remember thinking 'what is he doing?' Walters admits to manipulating people by giving them the opposite side of what he really wants to bet hoping the line will move and then blasting the other side. It happened again with Duke and Butler where Shrink claimed Duke was a Billy play. It wasn't.


When you "manipulate a line" what you really do is manipulate people. If you ever hear 'this is a Billy Walters play' you should probably run. Because if you bet it, you are likely betting against Billy Walters(not with him) and that could be at least hazardous to your finances.

He may look like a great guy on 60 Minutes but as he himself said; "Look around the room, if you can't tell who is the mark, then you are the mark.


SBRforum user comments on the Billy Walters from the thread JJgold works for Billy Walters.

SBRforum poster, "Dirty Sanchez":

Sounded like Billy has his own terror cell around Vegas.....they don't know each other, and only know Billy. You can tell most books are in fear of the guy, and the way he manipulates lines for his own purposes was masterful. Now it sucks, mind you, for those players out there that pay attention to line moves thinking they know, when in reality they might of been caught in Billy's web.

SBRforum poster, "cadillac pete":

Notice the piece on 60 Minutes it said Billy has "betting partners" other words beards/runners.....The word "Beard" is so 1980's and outdated. Modern terminology is "betting partner". Let's get with the times guys.


SBRforum user comments on the Billy Walters from the thread What Billy Walters and Fishhead have in common.

SBRforum poster, "Fishhead":

Was that a terrible 60 minutes segment or what??


SBRforum poster jjgold comments on Billy Walters in his thread, Could the next Billy Walters be an SBR Member?

SBRforum poster, "jjgold":

Billy Walters is the man.. so humble yet so dangerous.. funny that people look for his trash to get his pick, that's hilarious.. I think Bobby will be the next Billy Walters.. the kid is so sharp with his picks.. keep doing what your doing Bobby.. you're the next big thing in sports gambling..



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