Biggest surprise of 2014? $1,000 settlement

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When news first broke of a $2,000 wagering dispute against (SBR rating D-) August of 2014, a majority of commentators on SBR forum expressed doubt that the player would be paid.

The reason was clear:, along with parent company BTG Global NV, does not have the best track record with players.

Sportsbook Review followed up with on multiple occasions concerning the complaint. Initially, the company refused comment on the complaint by citing prior disagreements with SBR staff on unrelated player issues.

However, as the months went on and the issue lingered a breakthrough came as the owner of the BTG global NV agreed to discuss the particulars of the matter with SBR.

The owner claimed that immediately following the players initial deposit, he was limited to the lowest possible stakes on exotic wagers. Allegedly, the lines manager department recognize the player from prior industry experience and set the limit. His account was then dormant for over one year until his balance was risked entirely on NHL futures wagers.

The player managed to accumulate approximately $2,000 on Justin Williams winning the Conn Smythe trophy - the NHL equivalent of the playoffs' MVP. first proposed to pay out only a third of the ticket, before later upping the offer to half. SBR reported that the player carefully considered his options in the complaint.

On December 3, Sportsbook Review reported that the player accepted the cash settlement.

While it came as a surprise to many that the online sportsbook paid half of the ticket, is not quite out of the woods. It must honor the full ticket before it can be removed from the SBR blacklist.

But, in a year of no responses on player complaints and reportedly shoddy service to sharp customers, the settlement was one of 2014's pleasant surprises if not one of the biggest.

If you're a player reading this who requires assistance with an online sportsbook, write to

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