Beware of Unsolicited Cold Calls From Unheard of Sportsbooks

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An SBR Forum member shared that he received a cold call from an individual promising a 200% bonus.

The individual cited his experience with an established sportsbook and suggested that he worked for the company but had to place the bonus into a related family website named "BookieBarn".

The player ran up a balance of around $3,000 which has not been paid.

BookieBarn is a log-in only website used by individuals and marketed to specific clients. It is not a traditional sign-up and post-up sportsbook website. The player contacted the website and was told that the individual he spoke with does not have the money to pay him right now but that he would be paid "very slowly".

Players should be very skeptical at such offers to place bonuses in websites that are different from the main bookmaking company. Legitimate offers can be confirmed through the sportsbook's representatives.

99.9% of the time software companies that allow individuals to market offers to players and use log-in or PPH websites do not stand for players funds, however, responsible companies will often suspend individuals from using or promoting their product to avoid bad press or confusion from players who equate the public brand to the log-in website.

Sportsbook Review suggests players use the online betting sites rating guide and stick with reputable companies.

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