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Scam sportsbook Oddsmaker (SBR rating F) is running several promotions ahead of football season designed to entice unsuspecting players to make a deposit.

Oddsmaker is offering a 100% signup bonus, 20% weekly reloads, MLB dime lines, and a variety of other promotions.

There's one problem. What Oddsmaker is not advertising is the fact that they have fleeced more than $250,000 in winnings from legitimate players to date.

Oddsmaker continues to operate and market their website as if they are the best in the business, and they are pretty good at marketing. Unfortunately due to their flashy design, clever marketing programs, and catchy URL, many players take the bait.

When sports bettors win too much at Oddsmaker, the following section of the sportsbook terms and condition is cited by email when the online sportsbook explains their decision to confiscate winnings and close their account.

Oddsmaker rule: "Player's participation in the Gaming System is personal and not professional. reserves the right to limit steam plays and wise guy action."

Oddsmaker has used this very rule to justify not paying winning sports bettors.

Oddsmaker players have not requested large payouts in the past or who have won some, lost some, should not feel comforted by previously being paid from the sportsbook. Any betting site that justifies not honoring a full balance of legitimately earned winnings on account of a sports bettor being a "wise guy" is one that will subjectively not pay when it suits them.

One winning parlay is potentially all it takes for Oddsmaker Sportsbook to not pay you next.

SBR suggests that players utilize resources such as the betting sites rating guide to find more reputable betting sites.

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