Beware of Geobet Sportsbook bonus scam

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Update 3/27: A player from sister sportsbook GR88 (SBR rating D) has reported that more than €1000 in bonus winnings have been confiscated. The player details the same frustration as other Olympian Group users: He is allowed to sign up and receive a deposit bonus, continue to bet, and is then subject to winnings confiscation come payout time.

Original report detailed by SBR:

Since reopening their online sportsbooks following the closure for security issues, the Geobet,, and Bulldog777 Sportsbooks (SBR rating D) have not managed to fly under the radar. Since reactivating the sportsbook cashiers, players have began filing complaints indicating that their winnings have been confiscated for accepting bonuses at multiple skins within the family.

One Geobet player who held an £890 balance and requested payment in April has now been informed that his account is closed and all winnings less deposit would be confiscated. The player received a sign-up bonus from Geobet after he had already redeemed a bonus from sister sportsbook GR88. At the time of the player's registration, he claims no such term existed, and that the new policy was retroactively applied against him.

A second player who maintained an account with Bulldog777 had a £100 deposit refunded on a balance of £1379. He had £800 in bonus rollover remaining at the time. The player had received a specific marketing letter made out in his name from Bulldog777. The letter thanked him for his patience while system upgrades were made and included the special bonus code he should use to redeem his bonus. No mention was made of this bonus being restricted if he played with other sister sportsbooks in the Olympian Group network.

SBR has argued the point to management that players are currently able to come in, deposit, play, and after winning be told their play is invalid. This constitutes a freeroll on their action: They stand no chance to win, but can lose.

At most, an online sportsbook could possibly audit the activity, realize the bonus shouldn't have been applied and debit just that amount, but that argument flies out the window in this case as the sportsbook specifically markets its new account bonuses to players already on their database who have no chance of turning a profit.

Management claims to be reviewing their system and considering SBR's viewpoint. The sportsbook family is likely to be blacklisted if the confiscations are not reversed and policy reworked.

Geobet, GR88, or Bulldog777 players in need of sportsbook assistance should file an SBR complaint form.

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