Beware of Christmas Bonus offers from Scam Sportsbooks

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Tis the season for scam online sportsbooks to peddle Christmas bonuses and other perks to entice players into making a first-time deposit.

At this point in the season, players are either locked in with their regular sportsbook, or are interested in reloading somewhere new to get a bang for their buck entering NFL playoffs and college bowls.

Now more than ever players must exercise caution and stick with reputable online sportsbooks.

Bigger is not always better when it comes to online sportsbook bonuses. A 120% sign-up or reload bonus with a 3X rollover requirement is not all that good when it means you'll be waiting 6 to 8 weeks for a withdrawal, if you're that fortunate.

SBR has conducted comprehensive reviews of the best sportsbooks, and suggests players first give a hard look at these online sportsbooks before surveying the lower rated websites on the sportsbook rating guide.

Players who are comfortable with the inherent risk of dealing with a new and unproven sportsbook, or one historically that has misled players, can find data that may be helpful in choosing which site to deposit with using the rating guide, which lists bookmaker ratings from A+ down to F.

Red flags to be mindful of
If an online sportsbook has been in business for a year or less, and are offering a better bonus than the rest of the market, so much so that it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Excessive forum praise from newly registered members. Sometimes, unsavory bookmakers will incentivize players who are willing to make a public endorsement of their service, even if the feedback is staged.

Huge bonuses with small rollovers. The very nature of sportsbook bonuses is that online betting sites want to entice players to try out the sportsbook, but these are not freebies that are designed for the sportsbook to lose money hand over the first. A sportsbook has a reasonable win and loss expectation when shaping a bonus program, and an offer that seems too palatable is one that should be avoided.

Sportsbooks listed on the blacklist. These online sportsbooks should be avoided at all costs, and are notorious for slow and no pays.

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