Beware of Bonus Offers from Low Rated Sportsbooks

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The American football season is one month away and online sportsbooks are ramping up their sportsbook bonus promotions.

Unfortunately, this includes scam sportsbooks and sportsbooks with a low SBR rating who are presently slow-paying and in some cases not paying players at all.

Players must remember that not all sportsbook bonuses are created equal.

A 25% cash bonus with a 3X rollover at a well-regarded sportsbook (rated B or higher) is a lot more valuable than a 100% bonus with a 3X rollover at a sportsbook teetering along the edges of the sportsbook blacklist (ratings D+ or lower).

While sportsbooks rated from D to D+ may not be outright scams in the sense that players might be getting paid, these betting sites have proven year after year to give big winners a hard time and take longer than the industry average to release payments.

For example, (SBR rating D-) has one of the most valuable URLs in the business yet is behind on over $200,000 in payouts to more than 200 players. The sportsbook makes no mention of their delays to new players or in their promotional mailers trying to reactive old business.

Dimeline Sports (SBR rating D) is now running a round of promotional mailers advising players of a reload bonus yet its sister website scammed a winning player out of $1,000 by not honoring a winning wager.

Finding a quality online sportsbook
Players are advised to consider the sportsbook rating guide and resources such as the best sportsbooks list to avoid hassle come withdrawal time. The Sportsbook & Industry posting forum also has an annual posters' poll for the top sportsbooks. The results of the latest poll are displayed at the top right of this article, or bottom of the screen on a mobile device.

Seeking Help with a Sportsbook 
Players who require assistance with an online sportsbook can submit a sportsbook complaint with SBR.

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