BetWay Sportsbook complaint resolved

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The sportsbook dispute reported by SBR on BetWay Sportsbook (SBR rating C-) has now been resolved. SBR reported yesterday that a player wrote in with a cold case; he originally had funds confiscated during the period of time BetWay enforced a controversial "30% rule". The rule was designed to forfeit winnings from players whose wagering activity exceeded 30% of their bonus.

SBR contended with BetWay during the time that the rule was inherently unfair and requested it be changed. BetWay ultimately agreed and resolved the sportsbook complaints on file at the time. After showing a willingness to resolve the issue and update their bonus terms, SBR upgraded BetWay to the rating of C-.

A player filed a complaint with SBR asking for help saying he was also victim to the controversial rule. SBR followed up with BetWay management who reviewed the case and credited the player.

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