BetWay Sportsbook Bonus Complaint

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A BetWay Sportsbook (SBR rating B-) player has submitted a bonus complaint.

The player opened his account with BetWay on October 8 after accepting a £30 free bet offer.

The player's first wager was a single bet of £30 on Chile vs. Brazil at the odds of 2.5. The wager won, and the player proceeded to bet two more times before having his limit slashed to maximum £1 wagers.

Consequently, the player is unable to complete the wagering requirement associated with the free bet bonus in a reasonable manner. The player has asked management to restore acceptable wagering limits so that the bonus play-through requirement can be fulfilled. BetWay has refused to do this, according to the player.

When online sportsbooks limit player wagers after a bonus, two things need to happen, A.) cut the player loose and allow the player to cash out their winnings and a prorated percentage of the bonus, B.) restore reasonable wagering limits and/or warn the player about the type of bets that are not desirable. For example, sometimes sportsbooks react to players chasing only stale numbers that have yet to update (referred to as "chasing steam").

To not allow either scenario and essentially keep the player in wagering purgatory is considered a violation of good faith and of the industry standard.

Sportsbook Review has previously successfully mediated disputes aimed at BetWay, and managed to convince the online sportsbook to discontinue its controversial 30% rule, which allowed the betting site to confiscate all winnings from players who had wagered in excess of 30% of their initial deposit at any time after accepting a bonus.

Sportsbook Review has asked BetWay for comment on this latest dispute.

BetWay Sportsbook players in need of assistance are encouraged to submit a sportsbook complaint.

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