Betway Sportsbook addresses recent player dispute

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UPDATE 10/20/2014: The player has reported payment.

Betway Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) has commented on the dispute originally reported by SBR on 28 September 2014. In that dispute, a player claimed that $833 in winnings were confiscated after the sportsbook believed he signed up from a country that was not permitted to operate a Betway account. He maintains to have made a mistake when signing up but that he was in compliance with Betway terms.

Player signs up selecting Russia; not Vietnam
The player has citizenship in Russia, but has claimed that he is in the process of establishing residency in Vietnam where he has been present for the last six months. Betway does not accept player registrations from Russia. However, the software did not prevent the player from inputting "Russia"; which opens a can of worms all by itself. Regardless of the player's position that he legitimately misclicked, he proceeded to deposit $750 via Skrill which Betway accepted and subsequently gave the sportsbook action on that deposit.

1,591 hands played in poker
The player made $833 winnings off his initial deposit. The majority of his play was on the Microgaming network - which incidentally allow players from both Russia and Vietnam - and his account was only subject to scrutiny when he connected to live chat at Betway to inquire on why he did not receive an automatic sign up bonus. He was told that he registered from a country that Betway does not accept, and that his deposit would be refunded and winnings voided. He claims to have made the representative aware that he legitimately resides in Vietnam, but mistakenly clicked Russia, where he has citizenship.

Sportsbook Review contacted a Betway manager to discuss the merits of the player's case. Betway stated that the player would have to provide a utility bill establishing his presence in Vietnam, and alleged that he has not answered a phone call attempt a member of management made. SBR has relayed the message to the user and will monitor the handling of this complaint.

Betway players in need of sportsbook assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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