BetWay refunds player deposit citing linked accounts

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A BetWay (SBR rating D-) player has filed a sportsbook complaint. The player deposited 200 PLN into his account and proceeded to increase it to 350 PLN. The player's account was then closed and his deposit, minus a 10% fee for 'operation cost', was refunded. BetWay stated in a subsequent email to the player that he was linked to a number of other gaming accounts. BetWay did not elaborate. The player adamantly denies having any such connection to any other accounts. SBR is investigating.


Please be infomred that your account will remain closed due to violation of our terms and conditions as closer described in previous email.

Your deposit, minus 10$ will has been refunded to your account.

This is a final decision and your are kindly requested to respect the outcome of this decision.




I don't have any idea about what other accounts Betway is talking about. This is my only account and I do not think if anybody could register with my computer. I am living only with my friend and she has nothing to do with bookmakers, I think. Betway is writing about several accounts and this is simply impossible.

My balance was 350 PLN and they refunded my deposit (200) minus 10% for operation cost  (I asked them what is this cost if we are talking about moneybookers transactions but no answer), so I have received 180 PLN and I can confirm that. Still missing is 170 PLN.

Thank you for helping me

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