Betway management addresses dispute

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Betway (SBR rating D-) has addressed the dispute reported by SBR on 11/17. A player had a balance of €130 confiscated after he made a withdrawal request. At time of the seizure, Betway stated to the player that he was guilty of operating multiple accounts. Betway did not offer any evidence or give the player a chance to refute the claim. After SBR followed up on behalf of the player, Betway provided evidence that the player operated a third account to take advantage of a free bet promotion. Betway expressed a willingness to revisit other complaints reported by players in cases of alleged fraud. | Betway statement

Betway manager:

I'm doing my best to improve our business on a daily basis for all our honest customers, but I can't let every fraudulent case through. I welcome an honest and open communication between us and I would welcome your feedback or comments at any time.

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