BetWay bettor told of ESSA investigation into his soccer wagers

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A BetWay Sportsbook (SBR rating B-) player has filed a complaint.

The player has claimed that on September 18 he funded his BetWay account with €5,000 and wagered a few soccer matches.

His winnings have yet to be settled because of an alleged investigation being conducted by the European Sports Security Association (ESSA).

The purpose of the ESSA is to ensure the integrity of sports betting and to monitor irregular betting patterns or possible examples of insider betting / insider trading / fixed betting outcomes.

The player has claimed he made the same wager(s) with another well-known online bookmaker who paid the market as normal. He provided copies of the wagering tickets to SBR; the bets were all on a Turkish soccer league U21 match.

Sportsbook Review has followed up with BetWay management to inquire on when the winning bets will be paid.

BetWay Sportsbook players with feedback are encouraged to write to

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