BetWay account closure

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BetWay (SBR rating D-) has closed the account of a player with a $1369.60 balance. BetWay refunded the player's deposit of $495 minus a 10% administrative fee. BetWay claims that the player operated multiple accounts, which the player adamantly denies. This is the third BetWay account closure case reported to SBR in the last month. SBR is investigating.

Player comments:

I only have 1 account and never duplicate account. I register at betway is long enough, and never had problem before. I ever withdrew and It's fine. I placed bet normally. You never give me warning or something, but suddenly closed my account. Give me proof that I broke your rules, I can't accept that because I am not guilty. I can give you everything you need to proof that I am a normal player. And now how about my fund at betway? I have $1369.6. I hope you take care of this case professionally. I'm waiting your respons soon

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