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Sportsbook news anchor Natalie Rydstrom and dispute mediator Justin7 combine to deliver an SBR industry news update for Tuesday, November 20th, 2012. A BetUS Sportsbook dispute is discussed as well as other items from the SBR news bag.

A BetUS Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) player claims that he entered a bet on Green Bay minus 3 vs Detroit this past NFL weekend, but that upon confirming, his ticket was inked at minus 4 and a half. The player did not remember a notification of a line change and alleged it’s the second occurrence of a substantial line change on one of his wagers. Unfortunately, the player does not have a screenshot of the confirmation page – however 4 and a half points at minus 110 would be considered off-market. SBR will discuss this dispute with management and update in next week’s report on the outcome.

On November 13th, SBR reported that Pinnacle Sportsbook (SBR rating A+) planned to block all IP addresses resolving from the United States, effective the 19th. In the SBR forum, there were questions from US-based readers who realized that they could still access the Pinnacle website, one day after the deadline. Pinnacle management clarified to SBR stating that US-based IPs will still be able to access the website, however the IP block will prevent players from logging in with their old accounts. Since January 2007, Pinnacle has not accepted any action from the United States. The addition of this new safety net will ensure for the record that US players are unable to access the Pinnacle system to attempt a transaction.

Win United CEO John Overett joined SBR last week for a telephone interview. During the interview, Mr. Overett suggested that would entertain claims from international bettors that may have been dealt with unfairly by previous ownership. On September 28th 2011, YouWin acquired rest of world players.

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