BetUS Sportsbook complaint update

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BetUS Sportsbook (SBR rating D+) has addressed the payment complaint reported by SBR on January 2nd. In that complaint, a player reported difficulty withdrawing $3,000 from BetUS. The player states that in early November, BetUS canceled his payout request stating that he may only ask to receive $1,000 per each request. BetUS has addressed the complaint. | BetUS Sportsbook response

BetUS Sportsbook:

We did have a batch of payouts, of which you were already aware, that were returned by our Processor back in November. This client was one of the few affected. We send more than 10,000 individual payouts every sometimes we have issues with a few. This client will have his PO issued free of charge and he was awarded a $150 FP for his inconvenience (this will NOT hold up his PO).

BetUS did not process payouts from December 23rd to January 2nd, as posted on its website. The BetUS player has yet to confirm receiving payment, although his withdrawal was allegedly reprocessed on January 3rd.

Prior to this payment complaint, SBR reported a player's BetUS betting dispute. The player placed a 4-team, 14-point NFL teaser in December of 2010. He wagered $5000 to win $3333. One of the player's selections, the Philadelphia Eagles versus Minnesota Vikings, was postponed. The player went on to win two of three of his other selections. BetUS graded the teaser as a loser. The standard practice for a teaser which contains a postponed game is to revert the payout to the next lowest percentage. In this case, the 4-team teaser could not revert without being no actioned, which is the industry standard. Instead, BetUS graded the wager as a loser, yet the player had no chance to collect his winnings on the wager due to the postponed game. BetUS has been unwilling to revisit its decision.

On October 29th, a BetUS player had $2805.70 in winnings voided. The player won a pick 4 at meadowlands. BetUS claims it told the player not to bet at that harness race-track. BetUS acknowledges that no email or written warning was sent to the player, and failed to produce a telephone recording of the player being warned. The player denies that he was warned not to bet at the Meadowlands.

On January 24th, a player stated that he had a $2300 freebet available at BetUS. The player completed $35,888 in rollover. At that point, the bonus was earned. BetUS closed his account, and would not allow him to use the freeplay.

BetUS Sportsbook:

We closed the account, as we are simply not interested in this client's type of action. He is referring to the $2,300 in FP he was unable to use, as after he cashed out his balance, the account was closed. Therefore, he forfeited his FP.

While BetUS has been unwilling to resolve some complaints and maintains a mark of D+ on the SBR Sportsbook Ratings guide, BetUS management has been willing to discuss complaints with SBR. Sophisticated players are advised to avoid accepting bonuses at BetUS, many disputes over the course of the past year have been bonus-related. BetUS Sportsbook has a large amount of players and spends a great deal of money marketing its brand; however, BetUS has shown repeatedly that they will deviate from industry standard and treat non-recreational players unfairly.


SBRforum users discuss BetUS.

SBRforum poster, 'sneakerhead':

BetUS lines are different when you sign out and check and when you sign back in, they usually favor the dogs. For example, I was checking the Texas Tech game and I checked without signing in and the line was +3, after signing in I got +4. This time it favored me because I was on Tech and they were the dogs.


SBRforum users discuss BetUS in the forum thread, BetUS Warning Video.

SBRforum poster, 'spurginobili':

I've played there. I was lured by a nice variety of betting options. I started to win and they in turn started to limit my options. A betting option I was winning with one week was gone the next. They would also heavily shade lines and increase juice, especially if I was winning.


SBRforum poster, 'andywend':

ANYTIME a book uses the term "recreational players only", they should be approached with extreme caution. The funny thing is some of these books that use the above term have $5,000 and higher limits on NFL games. What recreational player bets $5K and up on individual games?


SBRforum poster, 'Stinger':

I used to play at BetUS; however, I no longer play there as I have found way better books. The thing is, they still have my credit card information, my signature, a photo ID, and my social - should I be worried? The reason they have all of this info is because I couldn't request a payout without providing all of the above.


Players in need of assistance with BetUS are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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