BetUs (SBR rating D) changes websites teaser rules

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On Sunday, the bettor placed a 2-team teaser. BetUs teaser rule #4 dictated that his stake should be returned to him because one of the teaser legs was a push.

"4) A push or tie in any 2-team regular teaser will result in a push for the whole teaser. Also, any portion of a 2-team teaser is graded No Action, the entire teaser will be graded No Action."

The player spoke with a manager who read a different version of rule #4 which stated the entire teaser would be graded a loss if one of the teaser legs had lost.

Player: I explained to Eric that "Unless the other team is graded as a loss" was not there earlier, and i had proof of this with a screenshot, but he said the reason must be that people in my area aren’t seeing the complete rule and that is why it isn’t showing up. That was a lie

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