BetUS confiscates $5,274 from winning bettor

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BetUS (SBR rating D+) has confiscated $5,274 from a winning bettor. The player deposited a total of $4,993 to BetUS and increased his balance to $27,796. BetUS subtracted $5,274 from his balance claiming that the winnings were derived from correlated parlay bets. BetUS tells SBR that losing bets were subtracted from wins of other parlays, defending their confiscation by claiming the player was not being freerolled. BetUS' software has not been modified to automatically prevent wagers with X% correlation, despite the functionality being a common gaming software configuration.

BetUS player:

I deposited money with and placed wagers, many of them, and all was well, and for the most part I did well. After a while I was cut back to smaller limits on some wagers, but maintained the account and continued playing. I was then cut off from playing completely, and while I did not agree with the decision, there really was nothing I could do about it, so I requested to be paid out. Several checks did come as indicated, but then I got one check for an odd amount, then no checks for a while, despite still being owed a good deal of money. I called and called them, consistently getting the run around for two weeks, and finally got someone willing/knowledgeable enough to answer my questions. I was then told that "several of the winning bets placed were illegal, and I would not be paid for them, as they were correlated Nascar parlays." I of course was stunned, could not see how they could not pay me for a bet they accepted.

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BetUS manager:

He deposited a total of $4,993 and was paid out a total of $17,529. We took back $5,274 in winnings from correlated parlays. In order to come to the right amount, we subtracted his losses from correlated parlays from the wins of other correlated parlays. That is how we came to the exact figure of $5,274 and it shows that we did not simply penalize his winnings and not take into account his losses.

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