BetUS cheats player on halftime wager

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A BetUS (SBR rating D+) player submits a detailed wagering complaint. The player has shared evidence with Sportsbook Review which suggests deceptive practices on the part of BetUS, with respect to a halftime football wager. The player wanted to make a second half wager on the Kansas City Chiefs vs San Diego Chargers match on Sunday, September 25th.

The line offered by BetUS was listed as San Diego -7. After attempting to place the bet, a popup appeared indicating that the line had changed.  Not thinking anything of it, the player went back to view the line again, refreshed the page and was surprised to see the line still at San Diego -7. The player hard refreshed his browser, and again attempted to place a wager on San Diego -7, and again was greeted by a popup window disallowing the wager due to a line change. After refreshing the page once more, the player decided to enter a $5 test wager on Kansas City to see if that wager would be accepted. The player reports that BetUS accepted the wager at +7 for Kansas City, without any notification of a line change. He then immediately refreshed his page and attempted to place a bet on San Diego at -7. The player reports that again, the BetUS software indicated that the line had changed. The player repeated this cycle multiple times, placing a total of four bets on Kansas City at +7, taking screenshots of each wager. |

Sportsbook Review's dispute analyst "Justin7" posted a video summary of BetUS' tactics:








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On August 9th, SBR reported that a BetUS player told Sportsbook Review that he requested an $1,137 payout on July 18th, and had yet to receive his funds. The payment method that player chose carried a ten working day time-frame. The player told SBR that he had faxed in his documents, and done everything requested by BetUS Sportsbook. SBR spoke with BetUS on behalf of the player and confirmed the withdrawal snafu — BetUS shared that a certain method was rendered useless (processing details withheld) and that alternate arrangements were made for the player to proceed with his payout.



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