BettingFC Sportsbook "Bankrupt"

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BettingFC Sportsbook is not paying players. The sportsbook sent an e-mail letter to players informing them that as of August 1st, 2012, the company was bankrupt. Three players have written Sportsbook Review indicating that they have not been paid their balances.

BettingFC: "We have to inform you that BettingFC will be bankrupt from 1 August 2012. Since there are lack of funds and a bad connection with Skrill we have decided to close down all the account for playing with real money. Every user with a balance of € 25,00+ or pending a current withdrawing will be cashed out their instantly with the amount the user has played with since opening an account.  BettingFC will only accept play money bets from now on.  We hope to satisfy you by offering these credits."

Despite admitting that the company would be bankrupt, the BettingFC message strings players along into believing that refunds winnings would be honored. SBR has received three player complaints from users that have not been paid their balances.

SBR investigated the BettingFC website by making a test registration. After registering, SBR noted that the BettingFC cashier was very much still active, only instead of Skrill being offered another eWallet method is available. The cashier process is redirected to a third party site where payment can then be rendered.

SBR has concluded that BettingFC is still able and perhaps willing to accept player deposits, despite the admission to current players that the book has reached a point of insolvency.

BettingFC has been added to the sportsbook review blacklist with the mark of F.

Players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked to write to Alternatively, players may submit a sportsbook complaint form, or dial 1-830-255-4677 during normal business hours to speak with a disputes analyst.

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