Betting Sites News Show: 10/3/2014

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  • LSbet Sportsbook player claims no foul play
  • Six friends temporarily resided in his home one week; limits circumvented
  • Complaint filed against GR88 of Olympian Group family

Sportsbook Review reported this week on allegations made by an LSbet Sportsbook player. In summary, the player had six friends he met online temporarily move into his home for one week. The players were allegedly all professional gamblers that signed up at LSbet Sportsbook, and in some instances circumvented limits with the betting site. LSbet confiscated the £556.02 in winnings from the player's balance and only agreed to refund his initial deposit of £150. He has refused to take the deposit back as he believes it would be an admission of guilt and an acceptance of the winnings reversal.

The second complaint covered in the betting sites news video hinges on a GR88 Sportsbook user who claims he made a $200 deposit and accepted a 100% bonus. He made a number of wagers before his account was suspended. He states that after a lengthy Know Your Customer process (KYC), he agreed to have his starting deposit refunded and to waive the bonus. He states that he has not yet received his deposit back. SBR has followed up on the complaint.

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