Betting Site Bonuses: 136 Sportsbooks offer 20% or more

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Online sports bettors can shop for a list of sportsbooks offering a 20% or higher sign up bonus using the rating guide.

SBR cautions players to consider the overall standing of each betting site before deciding on which to company to deposit with. The online sportsbook rating guide has data on sites rated from A+ all the way down to F.

Players can shop from 10%, 50%, or higher sign up bonuses, as well as compare sportsbooks in a horizontal grid to see how they stack up side by side.
For the best experience possible, SBR suggests players limit their transactions to companies shown in the best sportsbooks list, a mobile-friendly chart that only the industry's best appear on.

Sportsbooks that are considered scams or no-pay outfits are shown in the online sportsbook blacklist and should be avoided.

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