Betting on MLB: A Player's Guide to Saving Money

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Online sports bettors can shop for the best MLB sportsbooks by reduced margins using Sportsbook Review.

What matters most to bettors when searching for an MLB sportsbook is the quality of the lineset offered; the most popular feature by far for MLB sports bettors is known as an MLB "dimeline".

What is an MLB Dimeline and how does it save players money?
A dimeline refers to MLB odds where an online sportsbook charges around a 5% commission on a PK em line.

This results in a 10¢ spread between the price offered for the favorite and underdog.

The Braves vs. Mets priced at -140/+130 would be an MLB dimeline, whereas the line of -140/+120 would be full vigorish and less popular among online sports bettors due to requiring a larger investment for the same return.

There is simply no need to risk more to win the same amount in an long 162 game season: every small edge makes the difference in the profit column.

The best baseball lines directory also includes data on which sports betting websites offer overnight lines with special incentives, reverse run lines, 5-inning lines, and even totals on the MLB Grand Salami.

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