BetTango (unrated) payment complaint

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A Bet Tango (unrated) player has written to SBR with a payment complaint. On December 14th the player made a payout request and has since not received his funds. Additionally, shortly after making the payment request the player has been locked out of his account. The player discovered Bet Tango via a Moneybookers promotion. SBR will investigate into the complaint and Bet Tango further. If any player has feedback or a similar payment complaint against Bet Tango, file a sportsbook complaint form.

Player comments:

withdrawal request made Dec. 14.2009 received all kinds of e-mails but only excuses and stalling for time. Still nothing yet. Does not even allow me now to log into  my Acct. Got this Sportsbook webside from Moneybookers webside advertised as one of their promotions. Need help badly.


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