Betsson addresses sportsbook complaint

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Betsson (SBR rating C+) has addressed the sportsbook complaint reported by SBR in yesterday's iGaming news video. In this dispute, a player who deposited €150 on April 27th had €1,780 confiscated after the sportsbook alleges the player was not the person controlling the account. The player described to SBR having been randomly interviewed by Betsson via telephone, asked a series of questions and later told that all answers were correct.

After the interview with Betsson, which included questions such as each wager placed on the account, Neteller information, date of birth, and other ID details, Betsson was to send the player an email on the status of the account. The player told SBR that an email from Betsson was received stating all winnings would be confiscated and the deposit refunded. The player was told that it was believed that another individual was operating the account.

The player happens to be female; SBR believes that factor alone has unfairly drawn the skepticism of Betsson sportsbook, as the sportsbook failed to offer meaningful evidence to support the account closure. Betsson refused to get into specifics citing data protection. SBR pointed out that the player authorised SBR to mediate the account dispute and be privy to details that may have otherwise been confidential.

On May 9th, 2012, one day after reviewing the iGaming video published by SBR, Betsson's tune suddenly changed and the sportsbook claimed that the matter had been sorted through the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of Malta, and that the player would be informed of the resolution. SBR is following up with the player to confirm, and will only conclude that the dispute has been closed if the player reports receiving payment of all winnings.


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