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A BetSportsWeb (SBR rating D+) slow pay complaint has been received. A player requested a $2700 payout on December 15th. BetSportsWeb stated it would send a moneygram for the total amount by December 18th. The funds were not sent. SBR is investigating the complaint further and will update once more information is learned.

Player comments:

I am very upset with the lies and missed payout promised that BetSportsWeb has continually given me.  Here is a summary of events:
I have played at BetSportsWeb since October 2008 and have always shown them respect.  I have had many deposits and payouts and am about breakeven overall with them.
BetSportsWeb changed their rollover requirements when I tried to request a payout in early December and made me wager an additional $15,000 before they allowed me to request a payout and I lost over $2000 doing this so my balance dropped from over $5,000 to $2,700.  But I am willing to forget about this if I can get my $2700 balance.

My current balance is $2700 and I am not making any more wagers. I requested a payout on 12/15/09 after BetSportsWeb confirmed I met all their additional rollover requirements. They promised to pay me by Moneygram on 12/18 but did not do this. They have since made many additional promises that I would be paid the next day but this never happens. They also promised to do a sportsbook transfer to Bookmaker but did not do it. Then they promised to do a sportsbook transfer of my $2700 balance to Jazz but again did not do it.  I contacted Jazz and Jazz said they have never done sportsbook transfers with BetSportsWeb so BetSportsWeb was just lying when they pretended they would transfer my $2700 balance to Jazz.

At this point I want to get my whole balance since I am angry about how I have been treated, although I would accept any payout I could get. They do not reply to my e-mails and have even closed the live chat after they realize it is me.

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