Betsafe player has €1,800 in limbo

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A Betsafe (SBR rating C+) player submits a sportsbook complaint. The player has a balance of €1,800 which has sat in his account for approximately 35 days pending an investigation. The player has obliged all Betsafe requests and is beginning to fear that the Malta based sportsbook has no intention of paying his account; or at the very least, is providing terrible customer service.

The BetSafe player tells SBR he opened his account in early 2012. The player wagered a little bit, took a small amount of cash out and everything was fine.... or so he thought. During the time which he played at Betsafe in early 2012, he provided his standard proof of ID and utility bill per the book's request. The player gradually increased his bankroll through careful play, even mixing in casino games — which is a dream for most sportsbooks. The player thought all as well; until Betsafe locked his account without word.

He followed up with Betsafe to ask what the deal was. Betsafe said it was an investigation into his account; that the verification process would only take days. During the investigative process, the player was asked to and has supplied a recent bank statement, his tax ID number, and every piece of information that Betsafe has requested. He has been given no additional information in to what prompted this sudden investigation and when or if he will regain access to his funds. The player has literally only been told that he must wait until the end of the sportsbook's investigation.

On June 16th, 2011, SBR reported that Betsson (SBR rating C+) acquired Betsafe Sportsbook for €32.5M. As part of that deal, which transferred all Betsafe shares to Betsson, Betsafe was to receive future payments to close 2011 which amounted to a revenue share.

Betsafe players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked to write to SBR.

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