Betsafe manager addresses player dispute

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Online sportsbook Betsafe (SBR rating C-) has commented that they have reason to believe that the player who filed a complaint last week registered non-genuine account details.

The player admitted failing a phone quiz by stating that she did not have a Betsafe account, but later backtracked and claimed that she could not understood the accent of the caller.

Based on the sports bettor's country of residence, the next step would be to launch a complaint with the Malta Gaming Commission.

SBR asked Betsafe is there is a recording of the call in question to determine if the player's argument held any water or could be objectively seen as reasonable; it is quite unusual for a player to sign up at a betting site and then days later have no knowledge of the account.

Betsafe management has reviewed and shared that the online sportsbook concluded the true player controlling the account is not whose name is registered, but did not expand on any other details as of this time.

Betsafe players with feedback are encouraged to write to

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