BetRevolution syndicate betting case: $26,908 nail in coffin

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BetRevolution Sportsbook news

BetRevolution Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) released a public statement an hour ago justifying their decision to confiscate $26,908 from two players accused of syndicate betting. The players, friends who maintained balances of $22,908 and $4,000, wagered $500 or less on all plays.

SBR first reported of the BetRevolution scam on April 3rd.

Player one deposited $5,209 in six transactions for $3,870 in cash bonuses, placed 874 wagers, and had been paid $8,220.

Player two deposited $900 for a $450 bonus, placed 76 wagers, and has never been paid.

BetRevolution conducted an investigation into the wagering history of each player which included locating their profiles on Facebook. The sportsbook uncovered that the two were friends and used that information to justify their theft.

In the five days since the case has been public a majority of betting forum posters, including those at EOG Forum, where BetRevolution previously advertised (banner removed as of this publication), expressed outrage over the $26,908 confiscation.

BetRevolution routinely hung odds that were slow to update and made itself a target for players who understood the value of beating the average market price. BetRevolution's definition of "syndicate betting" appears to be nothing more than friends sharing picks. The sportsbook would also confiscate winnings using their logic from professional handicapper subscribers, reminiscent of the infamous BetRoyal case for the same.

Put simply, BetRevolution booked the bets and must pay.

As it stands the two players were freerolled as they had every opportunity to lose their combined $26,908 balance, but no chance of getting paid.

Player feedback has fallen on deaf ears as BetRevolution released another novel of an explanation into why it is stealing the players' funds.

BetRevolution statement to public:

"Dear EOG members, Since we open our doors to the general public four years ago we've worked nonstop to offer our new members the quality of service we've being offering long time before that to our inner circle. We decided we wanted to provide a new option where players will be treated as part of a company, members of a business where you will be dealt with respect and dignity. We have welcome with open arms any player whose goal is to have fun and enjoy a friendly betting experience.

Our members can testify they've always receive our full attention, we listen to their complaints, to their feedback and to their positive comments. It is being our best interest to let them guide our development and it has being our first objective to be above the rest on our transparency on our journey.

But we knew there will be a sector of the community that will see this as a new opportunity, a new search for loopholes and shortcuts. A path to take advantage of the good will of a business benefits, software and rules. Many good people started their dreamed business on the industry with high hopes and the right intentions, regrettably we all have seen how those have ended because of a few bad apples on a large group of honest and legit players.

We have paid special attention to document all our terms, conditions and rules on our signup process, bonuses, rollovers, deposits, withdrawals, etc. we've always done our best to follow the information we have available to the public and we have always used them as a guideline when dealing with any kind of difference with our members, we know we need to setup a path that they can understand as our standard operational guide for decisions just like in any other business. You cannot signed up nor accept any of our offerings without accepting these terms.

EOG welcomed us when we open up our doors to extend our membership, We have dealt through the years with many managers, forum coordinators and members. They've being extremely supportive and helpful on countless occasions and their work for the community they drive is nothing else than exceptional.

Their concern for the current situation is completely understandable, and justified, they've being working around the clock to come to an agreement on how to resolve the current situation, but our point of disagreement always ends on the same area.

We understand the current status quo on the forums is to allow actions like the ones we suffered and if discovered to let them go without prejudice.

We DO NOT believe in that, if we do not enforce the rules we have in place, we are simply allowing and fomenting the continuation of a culture on our industry that accepts violating the rules on both sides of the sidewalk to be a fair play.

We are a business and it is our main objective to protect the members and investors of it. The Revolution is not only a name, it is the entire mentality of our organization and we are working to try to get rid of a stigma that many refuse to leave behind and keeps the good honest players and companies in shadows.

EOG is a business too and they need to look up for their best interest and the one of the community they have and we came to appreciate. We have enjoyed being part of the EOG family for all these years, but we have decided to step down from being a proud EOG sponsor and give a rest to all those members who support us and endure the rough edges of the community. We want to thank all the members who has shown us their signs of support, via email, phone, chats and forums. It is because of you the Revolution makes sense and will be there for you back at

Thank you all.

Sportsbook has downgraded BetRevolution to D-. BetRevolution is now on the scam sportsbook blacklist.


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