BetRevolution Sportsbook theft remains unresolved

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BetRevolution Sportsbook news

BetRevolution Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) is currently not providing players nor SBR with updates on payouts. Players have reported poor customer service and a lack of information from the small staffed sportsbook. The company remains on the SBR blacklist for confiscating over $25,000 from a group of winnings players they claimed violated their terms and conditions.

SBR reported on April 8 that BetRevolution confiscated $26,908 from three winning bettors accused of syndicate betting. Syndicate betting refers to a group of players acting in concert to circumvent limits, though in recent years many offshore sportsbooks have broadened their definition to include simply being linked with other accounts on some level. In a bizarre turn of events, BetRevolution searched the Facebook profiles of the players in an attempt to prove that the trio were related.

BetRevolution has cut all communication with SBR in light of the downgrading and entry on the sportsbook blacklist following the theft. BetRevolution justified their theft at a sports gambling discussion forum which subsequently led to their removal as a sponsor. The sportsbook should be avoided.

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