BetRevolution Sportsbook remains blacklisted

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BetRevolution Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) remains on the SBR blacklist for failing to reverse their position in the infamous $27,000 confiscation from a group of winning players in 2013. SBR first reported of the BetRevolution Sportsbook theft 1 April 2013. BetRevolution decided not to pay three winning bettors after finding that the friends added one another on Facebook.

BetRevolution argued that the users were connected to each other and that they shared picks. BetRevolution tried to apply the oft used "syndicate rule" to fleece the players out of their winnings, but the crux of their argument rested on finding that the users were Facebook friends after they denied knowing one another. The players, fearing that they were about to be stiffed, didn't want to give any ammo to a sportsbook that appeared it was gearing up not to pay.

SBR argued that BetRevolution freerolled the places. BetRevolution would not reverse their decision and remains on the Sportsbook Review blacklist.

BetRevolution is also unwilling to discuss sportsbook complaints with SBR.

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