BetRevolution Sportsbook confiscation remains outstanding

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SBR reported earlier this year that BetRevolution Sportsbook (SBR rating D-) confiscated nearly $27,000 from three winning players. BetRevolution has refused to revisit the controversial dispute by sticking to their original position that the players were guilty of syndicate wagering. BetRevolution is unwilling to discuss player disputes in general and remains on the SBR blacklist.

SBR first made the BetRevolution case public on 1 April 2013.

After SBR contacted BetRevolution to discuss the situation, BetRevolution provided a media attachment with screenshots of the users Facebook profiles. The profiles showed the full names of two of the players who sought SBR assistance and appeared to highlight that they were tagged as friends.

BetRevolution accepted wagers from these players for several months. The sportsbook argued that the players had many identical wagers and that this constituted a conspiracy rather than buddies sharing picks.

When a sportsbook accepts wagers it has no intention of paying, that is referred to as a freeroll within the iGaming industry: A common tactic used by many scam sportsbooks. The players could have lost their combined $26,908, but being paid was not a possibility.

BetRevolution players with feedback are encouraged to write to SBR.

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