BetRally player submits soccer wager grading dispute

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Update 12/7: This dispute is now resolved, BetRally re-settled the market.

A BetRally Sportsbook player has submitted a wager grading dispute.

The player claims he wagered on whether or not there would be a throw recorded between 15:00 and 15:59 of the Stoke-Manchester City football fixture.

A throw did occur at the 15:50 mark - the player notes that he watched it occur.

BetRally settled the wager as a loss. The player followed up with support but was told that it was "case closed" and that the wager was settled correctly.

He contests the decision and takes issue with what he feels was awful customer service.

BetRally Player: "I made a bet that there will be a throw in between 15:00 and 15:59 in Stoke-Man City game. There was a throw in at around 15:50 I was watching the game and saw it with my own eyes. They settled the bet as wrong and then simply answered all of my emails with stuff like the bet was settled correctly and that the case was closed for them. I have never encountered customer service so bad in my 15 years of playing."

Sportsbook Review is investigating the complaint.

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