BetRally bettor shares that $2,000 balance is in limbo

Update 1/21: After speaking with a manager familiar with details of the case, SBR learned that the player is able to resolve the matter by providing notarized documents or speaking with the sportsbook via Skype chat.

A BetRally Sportsbook player has filed a complaint.

The player has claimed that his account access was restricted and his $2,000 balance left in limbo.

He has claimed that no information was communicated to him since the suspension of the account.

Sportsbook Review is investigating the complaint and will contact BetRally.

Online sportsbooks are free to suspend betting accounts for whatever reason they so choose, however betting sites must communicate to players the next step in withdrawing their balance; sportsbooks cannot simply choose to not pay legitimately earned winnings.

BetRally sports bettors in need of assistance are asked to submit a sportsbook complaint form.




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