BetPhoenix correlated parlays wagering dispute

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A BetPhoenix (SBR rating C) player reports that his account has been frozen. The player holds a $7,226 balance with the sportsbook. The player was placing MLB correlated parlays. SBR is investigating this sportsbook complaint and gathering facts such as the deposit history, wagering history, and most importantly what type of correlated parlay this was. A correlated parlay could involve a number of high expectation combinations, such as an obvious sportsbook error like offering the ability to bet on the same team in the first half and for the game per event. The sportsbook allowing extremely low-risk bets over the long term creates mediation challenges, especially when offered over an extended period of time. The BetPhoenix player reports that after logging into his account on September 5th, he was prompted by a message which reportedly stated that he would not be given any action until it was determined "how much you robbed from us".

The sportsbook's mistake and the inability to identify the error early on is likely attributed to the BetPhoenix staffing cuts for budget reasons. The sportsbook lines staff is said to be at its lowest in years and to be stretched with added responsibilties.

Players in need of sportsbook assistance are asked to fill out a sportsbook complaint form. Alternatively, players may reach SBR by writing to or dialing 1-830-255-4677 seven days a week during normal business hours.

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