BetOwi Sportsbook Feedback Wanted

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Online sports bettors with feedback on the frequency of on-time payouts from BetOwi Sportsbook and sister brand SportsbettingOnline are encouraged to write to SBR.

In recent months, a number of players have complained on tardy payouts through cash methods and through bitcoin, prompting SBR to lower the rating of each betting site.

Management expressed a willingness to improve their rating and to prevent future complaints.

Online sportsbooks must demonstrate that they are able to handle processing issues and honor payouts within the advertised time windows on their website.

SBR Forum has a monthly discussion thread in the SBR Sportsbook & Industry forum where bettors share how quickly (or slowly) they are being paid.

Players expect that bitcoin transactions will at least be honored the same day, if not within the same hour, as sportsbooks do not necessarily need to rely on a third-party company to process transactions for them.

Submit a sportsbook complaint form if BetOwi or SportsbettingOnline is currently behind on a withdrawal.

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