BetOnBet (unrated) complaints pile in to SBR mailbox

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SBR has received multiple reports of slow-payment from unrated Malta-based sportsbook, BetOnBet. The sportsbook states it is licensed under the laws of Curacao, and claims the poker and casino license is supplied by the LGA of Malta. SBR is currently waiting for a manager to discuss the ongoing slow-pay complaints.  If you are a player that is being slow-paid by BetOnBet, please contact SBR by filling out the sportsbook complaint form.



Player Comments

Player 1: I requested a withdraw 15 days ago of 700 euros and still haven´t received nothing. I´ve made the roll over and they told me 2-4 days for the payment. They keep me saying that my money is in good and safe hands but my money- bookers account keeps with 0 euros!!! Could you help me?

Player 2: Hello, i'm waiting my withdrawal (187.50 Euro) form BetOnBet from 16/05/2009 Their dont pay me. Every time when I contacted with them in chat they told me that will pay shortly, but still I didn received my money. Hope, you can help me to receive my withdrawal.

Player 3: HiI've been using their betting exchange for the last 1,5 year and all withdraw have been processed within 24hour before. But since they removed betting exchange and merged with another sportbook in February everything seemed to move downhills.

Player 4: Hello, I know that Betonbet Sportsbook isn´t under your rating, although I would like to alert to this bookie. I have there 2 pending withrawal requests from the 2nd June (300 EUR) and 9th June (300 EUR), but they aren´t interested to process them. To my emails and on live chat they only respond that they will notify their finance department about my withdrawal, that´s all. I will contact the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta as well, but I don´t know if they can help me.

Player 5: Hello. Sorry for my English. I can not get my money from sinse 30/05/09. I write to and they responded:"However please rest assured that we are processing it as soon as possible." I write to their LiveChat and they responded:"I can see that our finance team has been informed about this issue","I can assure you that your money will be paid very soon" and other... But I can not recieve money already 14 day! Thank for attention. I hope you can help me.

Player 6: I requested my first payout from this company on May 31 and I am still waiting for it. The amount is 396.88gbp and I have sent relevant ID to them a while backeven though they have never actually requested any from me. Despite numerous email requests for my Moneybookers payment I receive repeated emails saying they are having delays with their security checks and that my money is safe. Safe in their account yes but not in mine!!! Please can you help me get my money? I note on the SBR site there are several instances of players having the same problem as myself.

Player 7: Requested withdrawal of £329.70 on the 20th June to my moneybookers account. Contacted 'Live Chat' five times over the last 12 days, only to be told they are have to have security checks.I've offered bank card details, ID etc which is required by other bookmakersbutthey refused. They said they would contact finance but could not give me a date. Over 20 days for a MoneyBookers withdrawal is ridiculous by anyone's standards.

Player 8: I made a request for a withdrawal after doing all the rollover conditions. The withdrawal was requested on 16 of June. It has passed almost 1 month and I havent seen my money. I hope you can help me. I appreciate all your work. Keep doing it well.

Player 9: I have been waiting since the 19th June 2009 for my withdrawal. I have been told a number of excuses as to why my withdrawal has not been processed since then. They continue to provide stalling tactics to prevent my withdrawal.

Player 10: I've requested a payout on 13 June of 786?, and still got nothing...I'm contacting them every week, and always the same excuse. The first time they said it would take up to 72h for the withdrawal to be processed...

Player 11: I made a payout 5 days ago and havent received any reply from their support, so i started to worry and found in forums that im not only like that. I have contacted them few times, but live chat and support email didnt answer me, so i hope you will help me.

Player 12: I requested a payout on June, 25th about 751 Euro. I have contacted CS several times, who gave 'security checks' as the reason for the delay. I offered to send them douments for identification to speed up the process, which they refused by saying that they will contact me in case they need anything..

Player 13: My request was made one 04/06/2009 ( 326,60? )..... All the weeks I go to the live chat and say myself whenever walk with verifications! Neither they deign it send an email it will excuse itself! They say that the money is sure! More of 40 days for receive 300??!

Player 14:  I have 4-figure cashout stuck on betonbet, i made an initial cashout 27th of june to moneybookers and it is still "pending". On monday this week i contacted live chat support for the third or 4th time about this issue and i still have not received the cashout. On monday this week i also cashouted the rest of my balance from betonbet to moneybookers and that is also pending(but that is a fresh case, i still rather have both now, lost all trust in that company). Please help me resolve this and get all my money out as I feel the support is only copy-pasteing ready responses and won't say anything more to me. Every time i try to ask for additional info its the same copy/pastes all over again.

Player 15: I have an account in 23.05.2009 i made withdraw of 350 euro(approximately). Today is 23.06.2009. A month passed. And i haven't got my money yet!! A am afaid that i will not get my money. A month it is too much! Please, if you can, do something. Because i can't do anything with them.

Player 16: Requested a withdrawl of £730 back on the 7th July. I have contacted customers services many times and they keep telling me to email finance dept, but Finance dept never respond to any emails. Withdrawl request is nearly 2 weeks old.

Player 17: I made a request for a withdrawal in 14 June after doing all the rollover conditions.Today is 15 July and i'm still waiting to receive my money. Is it possible to resolve this situation? Thank you.

Player 18: Hi. I've opened an acount with this bet house on 12/06 and deposited 100? with a 50? deposit bonus. I've met the rollover conditions to withdraw and when I finished the rollover requisites, i've made a withdraw of 310.50?. I made this on 20-06-2009 and they still haven't paid me. They start with evasive responses like the money is in good hands and stuff like that, but they still haven't paid me and they don't know why. All they say is that their going to report to the finacial team. I'm sending them mails everyday, wich I can forward to you but they just don't seem to intersted in paying. Could you help me?

Player 19: I can't get my money couple of months!!! When I was writing e-mail or talking by chat they can't give any information about my withdrawal!!! Can you help me please?

Player 20: Dear sirs A friend recommended your website. I have a withdraw problem with I made a withdraw of 778 euros (6 times rollover is made) the 21st of June with the ID 53893 to my moneybookers account (same as my email) and I have still no credit. Worst is that i go in the chat with them and they give me no logical answer. That I have to be patient that they are taking long for security checks since its the first deposit, but they do not want me to send any id document. That they have moneybookers problems but wont accept withdrawing with Neteller. I apreciate your assistance.

Player 21: I cashed out all of my funds which was four figures. However, I have not received my funds to my moneybookers account and the CS keeps on promising that I will receive it "soon" but nothing really seems to be happening right now. Is there anything you could do? Thank you very much!

Player 22:  Hello! This office does not pay me money 629 euros, already there are more than 3 weeks. Letters answer standardly, wait, your payment will be soon made. But how many to me to wait still? The month, two? They plainly do not speak, I read on forums, some people received payment after 22-25 days, I ordered payment May, 30, till now money is not present. Please help me, I already at all do not know where to disappear.

Player 23: Betonbet delay the withdrawals incredibly.I have 1 waiting for a full month now.

Player 24: Can you help me!!! I can't get money too long time already!!



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