BetOnBet does not follow through with statement to owed players

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SBR reported on BetOnBet's closure on August 22nd. BetOnBet slowpays have continued to be received since that time. Thirty two players report being owed more than $26,990. Few players were paid leading up to BetOnBet's closure. BetOnBet's official statement released to players stated that players would be able to be lodge complaints with liquidators. No information has been made available to player's since this cryptic message was displayed. In light of BetOnBet's failure to settle outstanding debts a rating adjustment to F was made.













Recent player complaints:















Can you tell me how I can get my money back if that company are closed!!!! Is it possibble to get my money back





I had money (1500 euro) with who just declared bankrupcy. Any advice on how I can get my funds back?





I've made a request for a withdraw a week ago but i didn't receive the money yet.





Do you have news? I am asking because Betonbet is failed... Will I recive my money?





Is there any chance to get my money or is Betonbet bankrupt?









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