BetMotion Player at SBR Forum: I've Still Not Been Paid

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A BetMotion Sportsbook (SBR rating C+) player has updated a post at the SBR Sportsbook forum to confirm that he has still yet to be paid.

The player requested to be paid the sum of €1,632 on October 12.

He was asked to provide a copy of his utility bill and ID, as well as a copy of himself holding said ID, and obliged the request. While the request may sound unusual on the surface, it is a standard form of Know Your Customer (KYC) these days, which is an annoyance that helps fuel the bitcoin sportsbooks movement.

BetMotion player sounds off: "Today it is 22 days how to order payment. As there was no money, and no. In letters to answer, but the answer is always the same - We are glad that you contacted We would like to inform you that your withdraw is being processed. We will contact you by email to confirm the payment.

The online sportsbook has declined providing comment to date on this payout complaint or provide any reason why the withdrawal is taking so long. Sometimes, when there are peceived compliance issues, the lesser rated online sportsbooks will simply ignore players and provide no information due to fearing saying much of anything will make it easier for the next account to commit whatever the supposed infraction was.

Sportsbook Review asks BetMotion bettors in need of sportsbook assistance to file a complaint.

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