Betmotion player has account disabled

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A Betmotion (unrated) player submits a complaint. A player has written Sportsbook Review claiming that his account which held a €1,741.97 balance has been shutdown. The player claims to have written multiple emails to Betmotion following the account closure searching for answers. SBR is following up on this sportsbook complaint. | Betmotion sportsbook complaints

On September 29th of 2010, a Betmotion player asked for an £84 withdrawal via Moneybookers. After a week of not receiving payment, Betmotion emailed the player that there was an unfortunate delay and that his payment was expected to be completed soon.

On September 28th of 2010, a Betmotion player confirmed payment. The player was initially mentioned in an SBR report that outlined the player waiting for a $598 payout initially requested to Moneybookers on August 29th.


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