BetMonte stalls player for a $7,064 payout

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BetMonte (unrated) has stalled a player for a $7,064 payout since October 15th. As of January 13th, the player has not receive any payment. BetMonte initially claimed that the payout was delayed due to a large amount of funds stolen from the sportsbook. As time progressed, BetMonte continued to claim that a check would be sent soon, setting different deadlines all of which were not honored. The player found BetMonte through the sports handicapping service which promoted BetMonte as a top sportsbook. Players should be advised that such services generally have loose standards as to the quality of sportsbooks promoted. If any other player is also being slow or no-paid by BetMonte, please file a sportsbook complaint form.

Player comments:

In September 2009 I opened an on line account with  BetMonte came highly recommended from the handicappers at  JrTips currently continues to advertise and support BetMonte as one of the most trusted sportsbooks on the web. After four straight winning weeks I totaled $7,064.00 in winnings.  Once I requested a full payout I was told by my account manager, Lance, that the company had a large amount of funds stolen from them, and the payout would be delayed, but not to worry.  In October I received a call from Lance stating I would receive a full payout by the end of October 2009.  No such payout was received.

I began placing phone calls to and spoke with their customr service agent, Tommy.  Tommy said he was aware of the issues with payouts as he had received several phone calls from other BetMonte clients who also subscribed to the JrTips handicapping services.  As a continued advertiser for BetMonte, I feel JrTips holds a certain degree of accountability with regards to this matter.

Once again, in November 2009,I received a call from my BetMonte agent, Lance, and was told I would have a full payout within two weeks. No such payout was received. During the months of November and December 2009, I continued to call and plead for help from both JrTips and the customer service group that handles all wagers for BetMonte. On December 8, 2009, I received another call from Lance and was told I would have full payout in one week by check.  Again, I received no such payout.  I have been calling my BetMonte agent  on a daily basis for the last three weeks, but I have not received a single call in return.I respectfully request the assistance of the members at to help me resolve this matter.  Please call me anytime to discuss the details of the complaint.

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