BetMayor Sportsbook says $51K Casino Winner will be Paid

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BetMayor Sportsbook has told SBR that they have reversed course and decided to honor the casino winner's $51,000 balance which was initially wiped out after the player was accused of violating their terms and conditions regarding professional play.

SBR blacklisted the sports betting website due to their position that they would not pay the legitimately earned balance.

The General Manager of BetMayor advised SBR that the player's account has been turned back on.

However, there will be a 60 day time-frame before any payout can be made, due to an acquisition that is reportedly taking place and the fact that a decision that has to be made on whether or not the player's account will ultimately be kept open or closed - though it is unclear why the player cannot receive payments immediately.

Sportsbook Review has inquired on the particulars of the acquisition and ownership, as well as the reports of an ex-employee sending emails offering to poach players from the online sportsbook.

As of now, BetMayor remains on the sportsbook blacklist and players should avoid the betting site until delinquent withdrawals are caught up and the casino winner paid his balance.

Players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.

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