BetMayor Confiscates $51,000 in Blackjack Winnings Citing Professional Play

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A BetMayor Sportsbook player had $51,000 in casino winnings confiscated from his account.

The player filed a complaint with Sportsbook Review after being told he would not be paid.

SBR has discussed his case with BetMayor executives to no avail. Below are facts surrounding the casino dispute and why the online betting site believes it does not have to pay.

The player, whom SBR interviewed by telephone and exchanged several emails with, says that he opened his account with BetMayor Sportsbook in June 2014. He played both blackjack and slots over the next few months, eventually busting out of his account. He then deposited a total of $5,000 by Western Union to begin another round of play in early December 2014.

He played mostly multi-hand Blackjack and two slots games (Serpents Treasure Slots and Pirates Revenge). As of December 19, his $5,000 deposit was run up to $16,136. He then received approximately $7,000 in payouts through money orders and Moneygram over the next five weeks.

He continued to play multi-hand Blackjack and increased his balance to $51,803.40 as of February 1, 2015. At this point, BetMayor suspended his account. He was told that he was in violation of the sportsbook terms and conditions and that he would receive no further payouts. He then filed a complaint with SBR.

SBR contacts BetMayor
After the issue was escalated by customer service to management, BetMayor addressed the complaint by stating the following:

BetMayor: "The issue here is not how much he has won nor that he won, but because how he won. Having said that, the account was closed because of the fraudulent activity we found when reviewed his betting action in casino after some time with us like we do with every account, specifically with BJ, the strategy he used makes it impossible to be played on a normal basis by a recreational player."

As discussions continued, BetMayor clarified that by fraudulent activity, they were referring to his play being what they considered non-recreational:

"I'm not contending that the software has a bug or flaw, I'm stating he used a strategy that gives him over 85% chances of winning which is not recreational and so because of our rules we don't cater for his type of action. Having said that again, thats why we closed his account and since he is up against the house we can't give him the money he deposited back."

BetMayor then provided the betting statistics from Blackjack. The casino software is DGS:

The player told SBR that once his balance hit $20,000, he started betting $200+ per hand. He has claimed to have went on similar runs and had big cashes and losses at two other online sportsbook casinos, which use the same DGS software. At one of the betting sites, he won and lost $40,000 in the same night, and has requested his casino access be closed and turned back on four times. He offered to provide SBR his log-in and password to verify his casino activity at the other sportsbooks.

He has denied using any sort of software device to aid with his play, though BetMayor does not contend that the player's play was not of his own hand, merely that his play is considered professional and thus in violation of their terms and conditions.

BetMayor: "We state very clearly in our rules option 10, that we cater for recreational players only! And if deemed as professional the funds will be confiscated. Again I will clarify to you Matt he was not on a hot streak, you don't play for over 2 months not having a losing day and call yourself a recreational player. If he was not up on payouts we would give him his deposits back to show good will but thats not the case and we wont let anyone rip us off which he is intending to do."

Line 10 on the BetMayor website terms and conditions lists the following: "We cater to recreational players only. Any professional, steam, or syndicate players will have their accounts closed immediately and funds at the moment will be confiscated."

The complaint remains outstanding. SBR users are discussing the BetMayor complaint in the posting forum.

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