BetMayor added to Scam Sportsbook Blacklist

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BetMayor Sportsbook has refused to revisit their stance in the $51,000 casino winnings confiscation dispute reported earlier this week by Sportsbook Review.

A manager has told SBR that it is the BetMayor position that players who are determined to be professionals will not be paid, and that this ruling is in line with their terms and conditions.

Aside from the ridiculous nature of the rule in question, the situation gets even more incredible when considering the casino blackjack software in question reshuffles after each hand, making counting cards impossible.

Essentially, BetMayor is saying that because the player exercised optimal strategy (87% of the time) through 3,888 hands, he is a professional and will not be paid.

Sportsbook Review's Natalie Rydstrom covers this topic in today's iGaming News video:

BetMayor Sportsbook has been added to the scam sportsbook blacklist, and should be avoided for as long as this confiscation remains pending.

Since publishing details of the complaint, a BetMayor player has written SBR indicating that he has been owed a $5,000 payout for going on two and a half months. BetMayor pinned the blame on processor problems and claims that the player will receive payment soon, though the large confiscation suggests the risk to players funds is severe.

The BetMayor casino complaint is the largest verified winnings dispute since the $46,000 complaint at EasyStreet Sports, though in that complaint the player was accused of using artificial intelligence to complete play.

In this complaint, the player is not accused of multi-accounting, using a robot, or any nefarious action at all - He is simply deemed too good at the online blackjack casino to be paid.

BetMayor has been initiated with the lowest rating possible of F.

Players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form, while the online sports betting website has stated they will not discuss the casino winner's dispute further, management is at least as of this moment willing to discuss other issues.

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