BetMayor Acquired by Panamanian company Media-Tech Inc?

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BetMayor Sportsbook (SBR rating F) released an email notice last night to all account holders announcing that the online sportsbook has been acquired by Panamanian corporation Media-Tech Inch, which is allegedly part of a venture capital fund with focus on technology related investments.

Player balances will reportedly be honored.

Sportsbook Review has reached out to BetMayor management to confirm if this in any way changes the betting sites controversial position in the recent casino winnings dispute; a player had $51,000 wiped out because he was considered to be a professional blackjack bettor, a dubious claim considering the casino software reshuffles after every hand.

In addition to the large casino winnings dispute, a player has reportedly been owed $5,000 for over two months. BetMayor acknowledged the slow-pay complaint and claimed that the delay was processor related and that the player would soon receive a makeup payment.

The notice players received is embedded below: (click for full size)

Sportsbook Review has also attempted to contact Media-Tech Inc to discuss details of the alleged acquisition.

Players in need of assistance should submit a sportsbook complaint form.


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